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the resistance!!

This is just a starting place; we know you’ll do WAY more than this!

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Join the BAE Breakers private Facebook group 

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Add SafeBAE #BAEBREAKER to your social media bios. You’re on the team now!

Recruit and assemble your SafeBAE Squad.  

We encourage you to delegate leadership roles to empower your team and share the work.

 Break the culture!

Identify where your Squad will meet and when.

Post meeting flyers around school to invite as many people as you can to your Squad.  All gender identities, sexual orientations, ability levels, backgrounds, interests, etc. will make your team stronger and better able to raise awareness among multiple groups and grades in your school.

Review the posters and materials and discuss how your group would like to use them throughout the school.

Review the                                             and reach out to your teachers and school administrators about getting permission to present the series to the school with the help of your advisor. Have any students that you present to take the surveys at the beginning & end of the presentations.

Discuss with your group what actions you might be interested in planning and create a calendar of events for the year. 


(obviously change the dates to reflect your school calendar)

Start of school

Post information posters throughout school & social media inviting people to join your Squad & come to a meeting.

Host your 1st

SafeBAE Squad




Hand out rape culture flyers in the halls & present the google slideshow “Rape Culture” in classes throughout the school (or in a school-wide assembly)


Present the google slideshow “Sexual Harassment & Assault” in classes throughout the school (or in a school-wide assembly)


Present the google slideshow “Bystander Intervention” in classes throughout the school.


Start a letter writing campaign to your local legislators asking for comprehensive education including consent, bystander intervention, etc. (using our template)


Chalk the sidewalks of the school with statistics of sexual assault and dating violence.  And host a fundraising event (Dodging Dating Violence, Tackle Rape Culture, Walk a Mile in Her Shoes, These Hands Don’t Hurt)


Create Survivor Love Letters and plaster them on walls & lockers throughout the school


Share our digital fact sheets over social media & host a “What I Heard in the Hallways campaign.


Host a pre-prom consent party using the “Consent and Healthy Relationships” google slideshow.

Outreach to local direct service providers (rape crisis hotline, domestic violence shelter, etc.) to see if they do any work in school educational programming and inquire if they might be interested in helping you deliver materials to reach students and/or also to utilize our free materials in other local schools.

Host a Facebook fundraiser from your personal page, to benefit SafeBAE.  Invite your Squad to do the same.  www.facebook.com/safebae.org

Outreach to local media to share with them what you are doing.  We’ve included a press release you can use.  If you are contacted by any press, please reach out to shael@safebae.org for help in responding to media requests. Please do NOT respond to press (newspapers, magazines, television) without having materials approved by Shael first.

Post EVERYTHING you are doing on social media (& tag us #safebae) - pictures, articles that relate to the issues in our mission, events, posters you create, ideas you have for events/actions/fundraisers.

Host your SafeBAE school fundraiser and donate the proceeds through www.facebook.com/safebae.org

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