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Heros are Everywhere!

March 31, 2018


I always wanted to be a hero growing up. As time went on though, eventually I realized that was unrealistic.


There are all kinds of “heroes” in the world, but no superheroes. Sometimes all you need is a hero. 


I was 14 years old when I was in an abusive relationship. The stigma and taboo around it left me alone and isolated. As my peers found out, I became known as the “crazy girl”. I spent all of high-school virtually alone. 


As I began to grow, I saw the signs of others going through what I had gone through before. But it’s incredibly different when it’s your best friend. 


The other night, we had to sit her down and talk again. She had reconnected with an ex boyfriend who was abusive, in every sense of the word.  She felt that same fear and isolation that comes with abusive relationships. How do you support a friend who’s hurting like that?


We surrounded her with endless love, and support. The bullying she endured after leaving him was endless. We stood up for her, always. When someone spoke about what happened, or called her “crazy”, we told them to stop.


We brought her out to eat, and stood by her on the nights it was hard. We reminded her we loved her. She began to see things from our perspective. All someone needs, is support. 


Whether it’s a stranger or a classmate, it is so easy to stand up for someone, to be a hero. 




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